What Goes Up Doesn’t Have to Come Down


AE Graph.jpg Our clients had zero losses 

 due to market fluctuations.

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Restore Your Financial Portfolio
If there was a ever a time for second opinion on your investing strategy, today is that time. My clients had a 6%-14% gain on their 401k, IRA accounts through the guarantees offered by annuity income riders even in a down market. People are living longer and that means more time and savings will be spent in retirement. For more information on how an annuity can build, protect, and preserve your 401k, IRA, or other Retirement Assets, contact us today (888) 235-8060.

Annuity Benefits

  • A Guaranteed minimum of income every year of life, even if market losses completely deplete the account.
  • Guaranteed increases, during the accumulation years, in the amount that will be used to calculate income.
  • Potential Growth from market gains, which are locked in annually.
  • Protection of retirement income from market downturns. (In fact , individuals may choose to remain invested in the market longer , and/or more aggressively , than otherwise, due to protection afforded by the guarantees.)
  • Access to principal-with no loss of control.
  • Tax Deferral
  • Wealth Transfer-any amount remaining in the account after the retiree dies may be passed to heirs.
  • Video presentations. Annuity BenefitsGuaranteed Income for Life.

Annuity Rates


Retirement Insurance

As you know 2008 was a horrible year in the financial services market. However, there are products that can insure and guarantee a lifetime income. Annuities are a great substitute for stocks, mutual funds, CD's and can be used to fund IRA's and 401k's. CD's and money market accounts are not an option when you factor in inflation and taxes as long term savings vehicles.  For more information see below or contact us today for a complimentary consultation at (888) 235 8060.


Designed to help you accumulate tax-deferred retirement assets & provide retirement income.

Optional Income Plus For Life Rider 

 Income Plus For Life helps maximize your retirement assets...through lifetime withdrawals, step-ups, and deferral credits


Annual 5% lifetime withdrawals are guaranteed beginning at age 591/2,and continue for the rest of your life. If you elect Income Plus For Life-Joint Life, withdrawals equal to 4.75% will be available for both spouses' lives when the younger spouse attains age 591/2.

For illustrative purposes only. Lifetime Income Amount is based on the benefit base on the contract anniversary prior to age 591/2. This chart does not include the effect of taxes at the ordinary income tax rate, which may be incurred on withdrawals. This example is not based on any underlying Venture Annuity portfolio and does not reflect any contract or rider fees or charges.


A deferral credit can increase your benefit base by 7% in contract years when you defer taking a withdrawal. You are initially eligible for ten credits, and your credit opportunities will reload any time your benefit base steps up. Credit opportunities are available until age 95.

Get credit-higher income for waiting

 Based on a $500,000 initial investment. For illustration only. Withdrawal percentages are not cumulative from year to year. This example is not based on any underlying Venture Annuity portfolio and does not reflect any contract or rider fees or charges. Benefit base is only used to determine withdrawal amount and rider fee, and may not be withdrawn as a lump sum.

On your annual contract anniversary, if your contract value has increased, your benefit base will step up to equal the higher contract value, adjusted for additional payments and withdrawals. Step-ups are automatic, and are available until age 95. Following a step-up, your Lifetime Income Amount will increase, and will equal 5% of your higher benefit base (4.75% for Joint Life). Step-ups will also increase the value of any future credits. In an up market, the value of your step-up may exceed the value of the credit. If this occurs your benefit base will increase to the greater of the two. The annual rider fee can increase upon a step-up. If the fee increases, you may decline the step-up, and retain the previous fee and benefit base.

Lock in your gains, re-load credit opportunities

For illustration only. Not based on any specific investment. Actual performance will vary and fees will apply. Step-ups only occur when contract value on current contract anniversary exceeds previous anniversary values, including any deferral credit. Benefit base is used to determine Lifetime Income Amount and rider fee and may not be withdrawn as a lump sum. In markets with a 0% rate of return, no step-up will be given.

It is important to understand that Income Plus For Life is an optional benefit available with Venture Variable Annuity contracts and cannot be elected without purchasing the annuity contract. This benefit may not be appropriate for investors who do not foresee a need for liquidity and whose primary focus is tax deferral. Before considering this benefit, please make sure the annuity is suitable for your investment goals and personal circumstances.



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