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Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to keep all of your retirement savings in your employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k) plan, until you change jobs or retire. Instead, you may roll over your 401(k) assets to an IRA. This may allow you to more actively manage your retirement savings before retirement.

As long as you directly roll these assets to an IRA, your rollover will not result in taxable income or a tax penalty and mandatory withholding will not be applied. A partial distribution is permitted during a rollover but not recommended.

Consider the benefits of a rollover now
There are advantages to moving your 401(k) assets into an IRA now, rather than later. Benefits include:

  • Control and ownership - With an IRA, you are the account owner and have more control over your assets, free from the restrictions your employer-sponsored plan can impose.
  • Diversification - Many employer-sponsored plans offer limited investment options. In contrast, most IRAs typically provide a wider range of investment choices across virtually every asset class. This flexibility can help you better diversify your retirement assets to meet your individual investment goals.
  • Beneficiary options - Typically, IRAs allow non-spouse beneficiaries to "stretch" an inherited IRA over their lifetimes. This type of beneficiary distribution option is not available in most employer-sponsored plans, which may limit distribution choices for your beneficiaries.
  • Additional Guarantees - Choice of income or contract value guarantees with Annuity funded IRAs.

Annuity IRA Benefits

  • A Guaranteed minimum of income every year of life, even if market losses completely deplete the account.
  • Guaranteed increases, during the accumulation years, in the amount that will be used to calculate income.
  • Potential Growth from market gains, which are locked in annually.
  • Protection of retirement income from market downturns. (In fact , individuals may choose to remain invested in the market longer , and/or more aggressively , than otherwise, due to protection afforded by the guarantees.)
  • Access to principal-with no loss of control. 
  • Tax Deferral
  • Wealth Transfer-any amount remaining in the account after the retiree dies may be passed to heirs.
  • Video presentations. Annuity IRA BenefitsGuaranteed Income for Life.  

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